January Missionary Update from the Field!

Dear Friends, Family, & Fellow Believers,

As we begin this new year, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Lord is going to work to build His church on the Central Coast. In 2017, I was privileged to preach at six different churches, minister to 113 kids at camp, fellowship with countless brothers and sisters, and see new lives saved by the power of Jesus! Just this past month, we drove over 650 miles, preached the Word to several congregations, and fellowshipped with believers from all different walks of life throughout the Central Coast. 

Area Spotlight: Casmalia

Last month I told you how we have been busy ministering to the congregation of the California Valley Christian Church, however, the area I want to share with you today is Casmalia. This tiny congregation lies in the hills west of Santa Maria just outside of the Vandenberg Air Force Base and meets in a little quonset hut that wouldn’t pass as a storage closet for most churches in town, yet once you open the door you’re greeted with warm smiles, happy children having Sunday school, and cheerful music from Diane and her ukulele. This congregation has surprised me in a very good way and their commitment to understanding God’s Word has been my biggest encouragement of the last month. Before visiting this church, I was “warned” that they like to ask questions and have no qualms about raising a hand or voicing a question right in the middle of the sermon, and that is exactly what I experienced. In fact, my sermon was supposed to take about 30 minutes, and after an hour, I was only half done. This was a perfect way to end a very long ministry day for us, and we returned the following Sunday to finish the last 15 minutes of the sermon, which of course (and as expected!) took another full hour. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve God on the Central Coast, and we would like to ask you to partner with us in this ministry. If you are able to assist this ministry financially, I would ask that you visit my support page (infaith.org/dean-dilger), or forward any tax-donation made payable to InFaith (address below) with “Dean Dilger” in the memo line. This ministry and outreach to the Central Coast is being funded entirely through donations, and it’s your support that will make all the difference in the lives of many believers. If you have any thoughts, encouragements, or questions, please feel free to call me at 805-391-4157 or e-mail me at ddilger@infaith.org. I thank you in advance for your prayers and support. May God bless your faith in His servants!

In Christ’s Service Together,

Dean Dilger


Prayer and Praises

•Our funding is now at 3%, so we have a very long way to go. Please pray that the Lord would use His people to provide the financial support we need to continue this ministry, and that we would not grow weary or discouraged in doing Christ's work.

•Pray for the believers of the Central Coast to be nourished through this ministry and that the Lord would continue to give us hearts and minds committed to doing His work where it is needed most.

•Pray for Camp Challenge, its preparations for the 2018 camping season, its staff, and its past and future campers.

•Praise and prayer for Christiana and me, that the Lord would continue to bless our relationship, wedding planning, and ministry, as He has abundantly blessed us thus far.  

Dean Dilger