Being on staff during a week of camp is not for the faint of heart; you are committing to a solid week of long hours, hard physical and emotional work, spiritual stretching, and certain exhaustion. If you talk with anyone who has volunteered to serve at camp they will all answer, "Was it worth it?" with a commanding and emphatic, "ABSOLUTELY!"

God works in our own lives when we are serving Him by serving others. Year after year staffers talk about how their own faith was strengthened and their spiritual walk encouraged from the week of pouring themselves into serving for a week of camp.

There are so many opportunities to serve (lifeguard to cabin leader to dishwasher to kitchen server...). But remember, it's not the proud "super Christian," but the willing follower who pleases Him--and it is through the humble servant that God often uses to show his great glory.


*for each week of camp, staff arrive by 5pm on Sunday -- the day before campers arrive (for dinner and to prep for the week of service)

All Camp Challenge staff are invited to spend the night back at Camp after Junior Week (Fri, 3pm - Sat 12noon). This is a time for winding down, for hanging out, and for cleaning & packing up the camp after 3 weeks of Camp Challenge. Friday dinner & Saturday breakfast are provided.


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